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A place is most often associated with its landscape and built environment, the tangible parts we see—its earth. This is essential to our sense of place and our favorite books.


Equally essential to the sense of place are its intangible traits, how we feel in a place—its ether. The best stories evoke the same feelings.

Partners in Preservation

Because we believe that stories thrive because of place, a portion of our profits is dedicated to saving historic places, especially those that serve as settings for our favorite books. Find out how Earth + Ether Press supports historic and cultural preservation.



Earth + Ether Press’s next place-worthy title, The Essence of Greenwood, is coming to a local shop near you! Sign up to preorder your copy before the limited first-run sells out.

From the Back Cover: Described as the South’s finest example of classic colonial architecture and “superior to the personal differences of men,” Greenwood Plantation is an architectural icon. It is a muse. A phoenix. A testament to the strength of families united. From its first native inhabitants, through five stewardships spanning two centuries of war, depression, peace, and prosperity, discover the carefully researched stories of the people who are the essence of Greenwood.

AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, and Overdrive.

Earth + Ether Press’s first release, The Finding, by Elizabeth Pilcher.

A smart Southern historic mystery based on the Louisiana laws that determine the fate of sunken treasure.

Why we love it: The Finding is set in the Acadiana region, a culturally and historically unique area of South Louisiana. The novel features twinned mysteries centered around special historic places, including a seemingly unloved Creole cottage and two of Louisiana’s oldest settlements. Bonus points for featuring a historic preservationist!

Check out the Talking Walls Blog

The Talking Walls Blog is a passion project connecting old places and their begotten literature. We feature reviews of places and books. But ours are no ordinary book reviews. You can find plenty of those with a visit to your local Google page. Instead, Earth + Ether Press’s studies focus on the depth of each writer’s connection to a place, the effect of the place on the story, and how integral the place is to the outcome of the story. Each book is given a Place-ment Value (get it?!), scaled 1 to 10. Higher scores indicate a deeper connection of place and story (i.e. must-reads for preservationists and place-supporters).

Langiappe features include the Law of Place corner (comments and updates in an incredibly niche area from a place-obsessed lawyer) and Partner Spotlight (highlighting blogs, articles, and other pieces by fellow place-enthusiasts), updates on current titles and new releases, and historic + cultural preservation events and updates.

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