Earth + Ether Press celebrates the sense of place—the intangible quality of our surroundings that enriches our souls. People and cultures thrive because of place. Their stories should too. That’s why Earth + Ether Press is dedicated to promulgating books that champion place. Whether they highlight special communities or cultures, foster the preservation of historic and unique buildings, or promote place-awareness, our titles will feed your longing to experience, explore, and preserve.

Established in Louisiana, Earth + Ether Press is surrounded by inspiring people, places, and cultures, most of which are not authentically represented in mainstream media and literature. Our titles and advocacy efforts offer a genuine glimpse into the spirit of each place presented, in Louisiana, the South, and beyond.

Preservationist + Editor + Advocate: Hallie hearts historic houses and all things old. Earth + Ether Press is a passion project merging her love for old places and the books that will save them. She shares preservation news and blogs about her adventures in old houses and new books at the Talking Walls Blog. She encourages others to share their place-worthy reviews, stories, ideas, and pictures. She believes all problems can be solved with a long run and a cold beer (not necessarily in that order). 

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