Profits for Preservation

How Earth + Ether Press saves places

  • Earth + Ether Press is committed to helping preserve the places that make our stories. 5% of our annual profits will be dedicated to non-profit organizations, projects, and programs whose missions focus on historic and/or cultural preservation.
  • Beginning in 2023, Earth + Ether Press will be accepting nominations for a non-profit organization or municipality to be the recipient of the annual Profits for Preservation Award. Earth + Ether Press subscribers and contributors will choose the winner from among the nominees. The winning organization or municipality shall receive a lump sum payment to further its historic or cultural preservation projects and/or programs.
  • The amount of the award will be calculated as 5% of Earth + Ether Press’s net sales for the preceding calendar year. For example, if net sales total $10,000, the Profits for Preservation Award recipient will receive $500.
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